sale double boiler in singapore

Since more than six months since the sale double boiler in singapore equipment, heating and hot water supply well, our technical staff also view real-time remote monitoring and control through the use of the boiler to the scene, Baiyun Quan Lake hotel management staff related to our technical staff gave very great encouragement and affirmation. --customer feedback

Why no gas pressure hot water sale double boiler in singapore for steam separator drum:? Since no gas pressure hot water boiler for steam separator drum, i.e. evaporating heating surface and a superheater, economizer, spaced no intermediate container, water heating surface of the heating, evaporation and superheating is no fixed boundary, but as the load fluctuation and the gas pressure hot water boiler operating conditions varies, often superheat temperature as the load changes while greater volatility. Gas pressure within the evaporator heating surface does not constitute a hot water boiler circulating the working fluid, and no water separation, so that when the working pressure increases, the density difference decreases soda, so that the supercritical pressure, the gas pressure hot water boiler capable of reliably jobs.

Thermal efficiency and fire the sale double boiler in singapore with a boiler efficiency of how to enhance the long-term course of their work, some of its parts will be some failures, which requires the relevant staff on a regular basis of its examination, so it will not affect the work of the boiler effectiveness. Also note that regular maintenance of the boiler, so as to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler efficiency and the use of fire. Supporting domestic heating boiler feed, Fan efficiency is about 85%, with the heating boiler supporting GC boiler feed pump efficiency of 40% to 62%. And GC type commonly used to pump efficiency at 47% to 48% or less, indicating delivery, the lead fan efficiency, especially for pump efficiency is not high, great energy saving potential. Domestic manufacturing pumps and fans continue to produce some of the delivery of energy-efficient boiler, induced draft fan and feed pump. For example, suitable for 2 ~ 20t / h boiler supporting 5-48 series fans, the best total pressure efficiency up to 87.5%, energy-saving effect is obvious. For the current low in use efficiency, energy consumption of delivery, induced draft fan and feed pump, should improve the efficiency of technological transformation through various means or replacing new and efficient products. The new design of the boiler room should try to use energy-efficient delivery, induced draft fan and feed pump, supporting reasonable auxiliary boiler. So as to effectively reduce the power consumption of auxiliary boilers, improving the net efficiency of the boiler. Improve the efficiency of the boiler with fire, smoke and heat in addition to try to reduce exergy loss, so that the fuel combustion, the major measures to reduce the exergy loss in the furnace, i.e., combustion and heat transfer processes exergy destruction. Combustion process things with fire damage is due to the burning uncontrolled chemical energy into heat caused. The only feasible measures to minimize this damage by fire is to increase the combustion temperature. The main pathway is reduced heat transfer process irreversible exergy loss is to increase the average temperature of the working fluid absorbs heat. The working fluid in a steam boiler heat absorption, the liquid to go through a phase change to the gaseous state. In the phase transition, the working fluid temperature and pressure have strict constraints, I need to raise the temperature of this phase will have to simultaneously increase the pressure. Working fluid temperature and elevated pressure, will increase the average temperature of the working fluid absorbs heat, the fire 1KG steam with the value increase, of course, also marks improve the taste of steam, thereby increasing the fire boilers with efficiency.

3, high total condensation heat transfer technology

Condensing gas condensing boiler technology is efficient in many condensing type of equipment is technically a big advantage, but also one highlight of condensing gas boiler, after all-condensing heat exchanger technology, higher heat exchange rate in the course of their work, replacement of heat more, while improving overall productivity but also enhance the efficiency of other processes.

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