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4tph WNS gas-fired firetube boiler project for food industryBoilers are mainly used to provide steam for drying, refining, destaining and other processes in the productive progress of edible oil. As a children company of AnHui COFCO Biochemical, AnHui COFCO Edible Oil Co.,Ltd. is founded on 2000, producing premium quality edible oil from corn germ, rapeseed, peanut, soy bean etc.. In order to develop the circular economy, COFCO has taken an active part in energy saving and emission reduction these years. The company adopts reliable and advanced waste water treatment system, meanwhile, the environment protection facilities also produces ammonia sulfate, feed and methane as by products. Therefore, they’d like to use desulfuration methane as the fuel for boiler to improve economic returns. They have planned to order one set of methane-fired boiler. ZOZEN’s WNS series firetube boilers have drew their attention by remarkable performance. This kind of firetube boilers is adaptable for various fuels, including natural gas, methane and coke oven gas. Large corrugated furnace is adopted for complete combustion. Meanwhile, engineers of ZOZEN also add the condenser, economizer and other energy-saving equipment at the end of flue gas duct in accordance with actual demand of the company, which makes the thermal efficiency reach above 98%. Furthermore, it equips with advanced combustion apparatus for lower NOx emission.

Check the internal check which use 2000 hp mobile or oil hot water boiler for rent and preparation, furnace and flue inspections of boiler accessories, check the automatic control system, hot water boiler auxiliary equipment items have to be checked, check the combustion equipment, auxiliary heating surface check in must be done before the hot water boiler to run some tests. These tests can not be underestimated, and it is possible due to our negligence causing very serious consequences. Therefore, we must be wary of miniature hot water boiler must be checked carefully before running the project. 1. Includes internal inspection and boiler ready to use. 2. The furnace should be removed and checked inside the flue, and remove the furnace flue ash and debris. And flue duct damper, the shutter should be complete, tight, flexible switch, accurate indication of opening and closing. 3. Check boiler accessories, check the safety accessories in good condition; rotating plug is flexible and convenient; all kinds of instrumentation and control equipment are complete, good, clean. After examination by the pressure gauge cocks should be in working condition. 4, automatic control system checks. 5. Check the accessory device. 6. Check the combustion apparatus, the combustion apparatus is intact inspection; mechanical transmission, coal handling system, ballast system commissioning normal discharge; a gearbox suitable safety spring tension, well lubricated; coal gate indicate the correct scale. Iron Eagle neatly intact, complete ballast plate, flexible movement. 7, the auxiliary heating surface of the inspection, check the auxiliary device (fan, blower, pump, etc.). Strong coupling, loosen the belt, oil should be good, sufficient cooling water unobstructed. After the check, the safety shield is mounted, a separate test run, the idle current note.

Since December, the working out of Chishui City in Guizhou Province coal-fired boiler entered a crucial stage, ensure the completion of this year, the provincial environmental protection department issued a coal-fired boiler out of the task on time.

Chishui City Market Supervisory Authority on December 11 officially began governance, Union City Environmental Protection Bureau, City Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, called the slow progress in phase-out coal-fired boilers companies and gas companies to warn interviews. It requires companies to plan prescribed time node coal-fired boiler renovation project, inverted construction, to ensure the smooth progress of renovation project.

From December 10 to 17, Market Authority law enforcement officers will be on hand daily supervision, dispatching five nine companies renovation project and construction schedule boilers, coal-fired boiler to ensure complete phase-out schedule.

Improve the thermal efficiency of the process wns gas boiler, oil-fired boiler which chemical incomplete combustion heat loss and mechanical incomplete combustion heat loss. Because almost no ash after combustion of the gas boiler, solid and liquid fuels without mechanical incomplete combustion, there is no need to consider the mechanical incomplete combustion of the gas boiler heat loss. In all heat losses, heat losses have tremendous proportions, when the high thermal efficiency of boilers, heat losses so the total loss of the main heat losses of fuel gas-fired boiler flue gas heat loss is the exhaust gas temperature and For air excess factor. When the exhaust gas temperature decreases, high thermal efficiency can be obtained, for example, a conventional three-pass steam boiler, furnace used in the past straight and smooth smoke tube, must increase the heating surface is arranged to make the exhaust gas to an acceptable degree, the theoretical discharge around the smoke heat loss. Potshell causing significantly increased diameter, wall thickness increased, greatly increased metal consumption, thus further reducing the exhaust gas temperature should be greatly restricted. From the aspect of heat transfer is not only now consider only the heated area, the use of new technology enables heat transfer performance significantly increased, the difference between the heat transfer overcomes the disadvantages of the past performance of the boiler, so that the exhaust gas temperature decreases, the structure is more compact. Center back boiler combustion boiler is preferably small foreign structure, although the two-pass boiler, the heated area is small, but the use of the turbulator charming, the purpose of enhancing the turbulence of the flue gas, disrupt laminar flow boundary wall, reducing the thermal resistance, increasing the heat transfer coefficient, a smaller heating area to achieve the same high thermal efficiency. Lower exhaust gas temperature limit in theory, the exhaust gas temperature can be reduced to very low or even close to the ambient temperature, for maximum thermal efficiency. However, in practice, due to the reduction of the exhaust gas temperature, low temperature corrosion will cause, therefore, the exhaust gas temperature can drop too low, in order to ensure that the wall temperature is higher than the main boiler heating surface flue gas dew point temperature. Therefore, low-temperature corrosion has become a major obstacle to reduce exhaust gas temperature and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Tail auxiliary heating surface increases, further reducing the exhaust gas temperature, fuel gas wns improve thermal efficiency of the boiler as the oil, gas fuel burn easily wns type gas boiler air preheater generally not disposed. The economizer means is a common energy, which can be recycled flue gas was able to effectively reduce exhaust gas temperature. Separation type condensing gas boiler is out of the main boiler heating surface, the installation of the condensing heat exchanger. In one aspect of the flue gas absorption can significantly reduce the smoke temperature, reducing heat losses, on the one hand the absorption of part of the potential condensing water vapor released, increasing the effective use of heat of the fuel. Ash cleaning, to ensure that the heating surface of the scale wns boiler thermal efficiency of the boiler, the presence of soot fouling and heat transfer resistance increases, reducing the heat transfer effect. The thermal conductivity of the scale and soot is almost of the same order of magnitude, with the increase in scale, soot, the exhaust gas temperature rapidly increases, the thermal efficiency is significantly decreased. So, keep the boiler heating surface inside and outside clean, efficient heat transfer, thermal efficiency and to ensure the safe and economic operation of boilers, boiler fuel gas-fired boiler ash cleaning is required.

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VSL Modulating Condensing Gas Stainless Steel Boiler with Domestic Hot Water. The boiler is equipped with a stainless steel fecralloy fiber mesh burner and is available for natural or propane gas. The ASME Stainless steel heat exchanger has unparallel resistance to corrosion.

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We boiler manufacturer offer gas oil steam boiler, gas oil hot water boiler, fire tube gas oil boiler, water tube gas oil boiler, gas oil power plant boiler read on http Следующее. Green Training: Steam Boiler - Продолжительность: 8:01 32BJTrainingFund 239 409 просмотров.

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