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In mid-November, Langfang City, Hebei Province continue to promote coal-fired boiler pollution problem, do the atmospheric release 2018 Fourth supervision order, supervision order states: the country, relevant departments directly under the city's control to quickly take a series of measures to prevent and strictly control burning coal boiler pollution problems.

Now is the time winter heating season, but also the critical period of the comprehensive management of air pollution in the autumn and winter season, the coal-fired heating boiler emissions standards are the focus of Langfang City, air pollution prevention and control. To ensure that coal-fired heating to achieve effective control, reduce emissions, minimize the adverse effects on air quality, atmospheric Langfang City Office will join together to focus, determined to win the battle in autumn and winter air pollution of coal-fired boilers.

Steering proposed order, the relevant departments to combine their job requirements for environmental protection, to develop a coal-fired boiler heating energy saving solutions for special work, establish special supervision and inspection mechanism for all heating stations in the main city within the city limits, supervision and guidance heat stand while ensuring a stable discharge standards, to protect people spend a warm winter. Various environmental protection departments will strengthen the tracking and monitoring of emissions of various heating stations, to be serious penalties for excessive emissions of coal-fired boilers, but also will continue to maintain compliance or below the City heating boilers requirements set emission standards for reward and subsidies .

The inlet speed of gas-fired hot-water boiler before start-up should not be too fast, usually no less than 4 hours in winter, and 2-3 hours in other seasons, especially in the initial stage of water intake. The inlet temperature of a gas-fired hot water boiler is generally 50 °C, so the difference between the feed water temperature and the steam wall temperature in the drum is less than 40 °C. For gas-fired hot water boiler, the inlet water temperature can be equal to that of steam drum wall without complete cooling, otherwise the inlet water speed should be slowed down. When feed water enters the drum, it always first touches the lower part of the drum. If the difference between the feed water temperature and the drum wall temperature is too Large, the inlet speed is fast, and the upper and lower walls of the drum, the inner and outer walls will have a large expansion. Bad, on the drum caused a lot of additional stress, resulting in drum deformation, serious cracking. Due to the thickness and slow expansion of the drum wall, the tube wall connected to the drum wall is thinner and expands faster. If the inlet temperature of the gas-fired hot water boiler is too high or the inlet speed is too fast, the expansion will be uneven, the welded joint will appear cracks and the gas-fired hot water boiler will be damaged. The inner diameter of the decompression tube is usually φ 7~13mm (water and steam), and its length should not be too long (< 60m). Straightness of pressure pipe If the diameter is too small and the length is too long, it will affect the dynamic transmission of pressure measurement and increase the dynamic error. The inner diameter is too large to be easily maintained and installed. Pressure pipes should not be placed in the horizontal part to prevent the accumulation of bubbles (when measuring liquids) and water columns (when measuring gases). The pressure tap shall be perpendicular to the flow of the medium. Pressure faucet must not have chamfer, flange and burr. When measuring the hydraulic pressure of an electrically heated viton seals solenoid valves fired steam boiler, the pressure outlet should be removed from the lower part of the pipe to prevent the gas in the liquid from entering the pressure guide pipe; When measuring the gas pressure, remove the pressure splice from the upper part of the pipe to prevent dust and dust in the gas The droplets enter the ignition line. The installation site of the electric heating steam boiler pressure gauge (pressure transmitter) should meet the environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, vibration, etc.) used by the instrument, and should be easy to observe, repair and ensure safety. Insulation should be laid on pressure pipes in high temperature media to avoid burning during flushing. Pressure lines are equipped with needle valves (for cutting off pressure in the event of pressure line failures during operation), auxiliary needle valves (for use with instruments, stopping, replacement), condensing coils and elbows (isolation elastic elements from high-temperature media), Easy to install sealing gaskets) as well as sewage valves and sewers. For special pressure measurements, it's still pressing. Install discharge valve, isolation room and so on in the force pipe.

Installation and internal gas viton seals solenoid valves fired steam boiler induced draft fan of the basic structure of the gas steam boiler configuration and cited the difference between the internal structure of the gas boiler steam turbines, gas steam boiler with induced draft fan needs it? Can be equipped with fan, but depends on the type of boiler and burner models, different designs, different configuration, such as boiler combustion and pressurized combustion positive pressure, negative pressure combustion needs to Fan, the combustion pressure is also equipped with the induced draft fan . Gas-fired steam boiler price? I do not know the local fuel prices. Meanwhile, steam boiler tons of gas consumption to about 7 degrees, and tons of gas boiler steam power was insufficient. Other aspects of superior gas or gas, such as environmental protection, operating environment, repair and maintenance. Gas-fired steam boiler water is quite easy to detect what instrument? Gas steam boiler is necessary to detect the water hardness and the total alkali content, to use these indicators generally chemically very convenient hardness complexometric titration on the line. Of course there are specialized equipment, and many, hardness tester, portable hardness portable Taobao has sold analyzer. I always feel that consumed 6 tons of water, steam and water is water present as at the tri-state nature. Water states are: ice, water, steam. Consumed water into steam, which mass is not changed, the change in energy occurs therein. Specific concept tonnage evaporated ton of water for an hour is defined as a tonnage if you tons of water evaporation is defined as N N tonnage. The answer is yes, the tonnage of the boiler is arbitrary, as long as you can do the right boiler design any tonnage. The difference between gas steam boiler and boiler construction of fuel gas steam? Because of the different fuels, have the following differences: a burner fuel steam boiler, gas boiler, the combustion method of a fixed grate, and a fluidized bed furnace pulverized coal burners and the like.

The preparation you need to do before the boiler is installed

The boiler is a device that supplies steam and hot water for industrial production or daily life. After the company purchases the boiler model, it needs to consider the installation problem. The installation of the boiler is directly related to the important steps of the smooth operation of the boiler, except for the installation of the auxiliary machine. Also need to pay attention to the preparation before installation.

1. Handling the registration of natural gas boiler installation: According to the “Safety Supervision Regulations for Steam Boilers”, the units that use the boilers should go through the registration procedures one by one. The boiler use unit shall have a person responsible for the boiler installation work, responsible for contacting the local boiler supervision agency and filling out the installation notice. When the boiler is installed, it must be attended by a furnace, and it is equipped with a pipeman, a fitter, a hoist, a cold workman, an electric welder and an auxiliary worker.

2. Determine the installation location and qualification of the boiler to determine the installation location. The boiler installation unit must have a boiler installation qualification certificate issued by the superior authority in accordance with the installation scope.

3. Inspection of boilers and accessories: Before the installation of natural gas boilers, the boiler body, combustion equipment, components, natural gas boiler auxiliary machines and accessories shall be inspected and accepted according to the drawings, and records shall be made. If it is found that the relevant standards are not met, it shall be promptly submitted to the factory. .

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