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An electrically heated vacuum phase transition boiler

When electrically heated vacuum phase transition boiler operation, the internal environment is a vacuum state. At this time, the intermediate medium oxygen in water will be discharged to the outside electric boilers vacuum phase transition, and therefore does not cause oxidation corrosion in the boiler, cause damage to the device. Meanwhile, vacuum hot water boiler heating heat exchanger portion of the material used is stainless steel, corrosion will not occur. Further, the electric vacuum hot water boiler only once was added a small amount of the heat medium water, increase nor decrease is running, the internal no scaling.

what do you know about vacuum hot water boilers?

1. What is a vacuum hot water boiler? Answer: so-called vacuum hot water boiler, also called vacuum phase change hot water boiler. When the boiler is working normally, the inner medium pressure of the boiler is lower than the atmospheric pressure, and the cold water is heated by phase change heat. Vacuum sealing inside the body of vacuum hot water boiler, negative pressure combustion of heat medium water, steam exchange between steam and heat exchanger, high heat efficiency, one-time treatment and perfusion of heat medium water in factory, no need to replenish water in operation. The unique design of vacuum hot water boiler has formed the characteristics of safety, stability and so on.

2. The composition and structure principle of vacuum Hot Water Boiler? Answer: the furnace body of a vacuum hot water boiler is divided into two parts: the upper part is a vacuum chamber (negative pressure steam chamber), and a tubular steam-water heat exchanger is installed in the space to heat the circulating water flowing through the heat exchanger. Operation principle: during the operation of vacuum hot water boiler, the heat medium water inside the furnace under negative pressure of vacuum absorbs the heat energy released from fuel combustion, boiling vaporizes into low temperature steam, and the low temperature steam rises to meet the system circulating water in stainless steel heat exchanger. Heating circulating water to the user for heating or sanitary hot water. The water vapor itself is cooled and condensed into droplets falling onto the surface of the heat medium and then heated again, thus completing the whole cycle. Heat medium water The cycle of "boiling = evaporation = condensation = heat medium water" is constantly carried out in the enclosed body, so there is no need to replenish condensate water and there is no danger of empty burning. The condensation heat transfer coefficient of steam-water condensation in vacuum hot water boiler is the highest in all heat transfer conditions.

3. What is a vacuum? Answer: vacuum state does not mean absolute pressure is zero, as long as lower than external pressure, can be called "vacuum". For example: vacuum boiler operating inside the shell is debugged as vacuum and maintained between-375pxHg--76mmHg.

4. What is vacuum? A: vacuum refers to the degree of gas rarity in vacuum, usually expressed as "high vacuum" and "low vacuum". High vacuum means good vacuum, low vacuum means poor vacuum. The value of vacuum degree indicates that the actual value of system pressure is lower than that of atmospheric pressure, that is, vacuum degree = atmospheric pressure-absolute pressure. International standard unit of vacuum: Pa (Pa).

5. Why is heat medium water in vacuum hot water boiler heated in vacuum? Answer: the boiling temperature of water is different under different pressures. Under an atmospheric pressure (0.1Mpa), the boiling temperature of water is 100 ℃, while the boiling temperature of water is 4 ℃ under 0.8Kpa pressure. The vacuum hot water boiler works within the pressure range of vacuum degree 2.67Kpa~66.6 Kpa, and the corresponding saturation temperature is 15 ℃ ~ 85 ℃. Therefore, in vacuum, heat medium water is easy to boil and vaporize.

6. The origin of vacuum hot water boiler? A: the basic principle of vacuum hot water boiler was born in 1972 at Zurich University of Technology. In 1975, Japan's TAKUMA Company developed a vacuum hot water boiler on the basis of the principle, which was patented for invention, and was gradually popularized all over the world. This technology has been developed and developed by Korean enterprises, and South Korean TAKUMA, has appeared one after another.

Vacuum hot water boiler manufacturer tells you the trend of its development before the start of the first digression, say thirty blink of an eye we have to go to 80 after the thirties, we tend to consider the issues are becoming increasingly cost-effective, the same way use in a vacuum boiler body is the same, then our future vacuum hot water boiler should gradually toward which direction to meet the needs of consumers it? Xiao Bian gave you about the river south of the shares of fast production of vacuum boilers cost-effective reasons: 1, vacuum hot water boiler there is no swelling, explosion, risk of rupture, safe and reliable 2, a multi-purpose machine, can provide a boiler for heating water, domestic hot water, pool heating at the same time. 3, the design life of more than 20 years, can be placed in the basement and roof, the state authorities are not limiting. 4, efficient, low cost. 5, no scaling, corrosion and other phenomena. 6, than ordinary boiler small size. Modular and arranged in parallel, more efficient and reasonable operation of the boiler. You can only open when a willfully without having rated heat. 7, high degree of automation, building automation connection, unmanned management. Even if guarded, guards and without an operating license. Minimal training. 8, vacuum hot water boiler is slowly being accepted by all, mainly for civilian use, such as hotels, residential, office, bath centers, schools, shopping malls and other places. So the future of the vacuum boiler trend will gradually be applied to large and small areas, hotels, bathing, or a layer of building only need a small modular vacuum boiler can achieve the effect of four tons of coal-fired boilers, so What is still hesitant to inquire quickly it!

In early 2013, fast boiler is a food processing company Luohe a 10-ton condensing steam boiler installed integrally cloud service monitoring module, by monitoring the data found in March, the maximum pressure in the boiler set small deviation, the small boiler load adjustment range, and it uses a continuous replenishment way. When such a large load changes, the burner will start and stop frequently, adversely affect the boiler. After the burner system to monitor working properly, timely communication with customers, to help customers put pressure adjusted to the maximum deviation of the normal range. Then return to the display data safe range, the maximum starting frequency is reduced to the burner 4 times / hour from 8 times / hour, reduced by the mean starting frequency of 3.7 times / hr 1 / hr reported in June. At the same time gas consumption decreased by 10% to obtain the customer's trust and recognition.

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