11tons oil and gas fired boiler install in bahrain

2tph WNS series gas-fired steam 11tons oil and fired boiler install in bahrain project for feed industryTempering is a crucial link in the granulation process of feed industry; the performance of tempering has a direct impact on the quality of pellet feed. Currently, feed mills use steam to complete the tempering process; hence, a steam boiler is a core equipment for feed industry. Nanjing Shuaifeng Feed Co., Ltd. is established in 2005, its major products consist of aquatic feed, tubificidae, fish feed and crab feed. To improve the feed quality and response to global environmental policy, Nanjing Shuaifeng Feed Co., Ltd. planned to reintroduce an efficient and environment-friendly steam boiler. After a series of contrastive analysis on a lot of boiler products, the company was attracted by the high performance of ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired (oil-fired) boilers, and order one set of 2tph steam boiler. This kind of boiler has wide fuel adaptability, including natural gas, light diesel oil and much other clean energy; with low NOx burner, ultra-low emissions of nitrogen oxides can be easily achieved. Meanwhile, the boiler adopts a large-diameter corrugated furnace to ensure the full combustion of fuels; the sufficient storage areas of steam and  heating surface can effectively improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler as well as the the quality of outlet steam.

When fully completed by the end of 2017 urban 10 tons of steam / 10-20 tons of steam 11tons oil and fired boiler install in bahrain regulation task and gas pipeline network coverage of the coal / coal-fired boiler renovation work, fully completed before the end of 2018, 20 tons of steam urban / when more than 35 tons of steam / h coal-fired boilers and renovation work. Before the end of 2017, high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban all types of urban areas in high-pollution fuel boiler to stop using all, or switching to natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, electricity and other clean energy.

To help businesses to reduce costs to switch to clean energy, the program presents a series of supporting policies and measures, establish clear criteria subsidies, subsidies for the 2017,2018 two years time.

The price of 1 ton of diesel steam 11tons oil and fired boiler install in bahrain how much? Diesel fuel boilers name suggests, is a diesel fuel as a boiler, in general belongs to a diesel boiler is oil-fired boiler series, you can also burn heavy oil, waste oil and other oils. Diesel boiler works mainly by the diesel burner (atomized) is injected into the combustion liner, into the flue gas back to the combustion chamber around the lower part of the smoke tube, forward to the front smoke box, smoke tube folding the upper, front to back It flows into the smoke box, through the chimney into the atmosphere. The price of diesel boilers have a lot, but the difference between what it? Here Henan party fast as a veteran enterprise for everyone under the doubts, the main part of the boiler refers to diesel burner, because they want to go with burner according to the viscosity and calorific value of burning oil, so the price difference is mainly in this, Henan side uses fast Italian imported burner compared to other conventional burner following advantages: 1, by volume petite we know the burner mounted in the side wall and the center distance ships diesel burner installation is not less than 1 1.2m ~, smaller volume so that the installation easier and faster. 2, stable performance increase wind speed exit back to improve combustion efficiency, good burner does not need to apply debugging, and some common die. 3, the combustion load bearing capability can bear the name suggests is a heavy load without damaging the load, but not always.

Gas and compare the economic performance of natural gas and oil-fired 11tons oil and fired boiler install in bahrain desulfurization: gas boiler for this kind of boiler, I believe we are not unfamiliar with it, because the site has its relevant articles, so that we know and understand this kind of boiler, and At the same time, you can give yourself a good learning quality and effectiveness. Below that, since there is already a foundation, we might build on the progress to continue this work so that we can deepen their understanding of the gas boiler. 1. The oil and gas boilers, in which economic performance is better? This problem, if from a professional point of view, then, there is no standard answer, because they can not determine. Related factors, mainly to see the area where the boiler and fuel is cheap or cheaper gas. In addition, the need for computing work, so in order to obtain accurate results. 2. Gas boiler gas consumption, and whether the type of gas related? In addition, the home heating system, the boiler is circulated to what? Gas consumption gas boiler, which is related to the type of gas, so in a question on which the answer is yes. Also, the heat value of natural gas, is 8500 kcal / cubic. While the calculation formula is 1.5 million kcal / 8500 kcal = 176 cubic meters. Other gas is so. Home heating system, if using gas boilers, then, that in the cycle, generally speaking, is to use the pump, because it is more appropriate, and that is a good use of effects.

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