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With the development of Internet technology and the trend of economic globalization, ZG boiler has also begun the pace of cross-border trade. ZG boiler produces 9 series of more than 200 kinds of products, such as DHL series biological boilers, oil and gas boilers, chain grate boilers. , circulating fluidized bed boilers, autoclaves, etc. began to export to various countries and regions.

Recently, in Jiaxing City in Zhejiang Province Nanhu District, officially launched a comprehensive investigation and action on gas commercial 8t boiler cheap laoss and biomass boilers urban built-up areas, and actively promote the transformation of low nitrogen emission gas-fired boiler, Zhejiang Province, determined to win the Battle of the sky made own contribution.

According to the requirements of the investigation, the South Lake district towns, streets, parks within the jurisdiction of the respective gas boilers and biomass boilers urban area to take home from house to house visits Paimo way, the ecological environment Branch area combined with market regulators issuing a list a verification form inventory management. After the statistics were found in the region with gas boiler 35 units, built-up area of ​​biomass boiler Taiwan.

Meanwhile, Nanhu District will be in more than 500,000 cubic meters of natural gas consumption in the four on-site visits to enterprises as a pilot enterprise low nitrogen transformation operations boilers, ecological environment Branch area of ​​personnel, publicity reform provinces, municipalities and low nitrogen emissions on gas-fired boiler requirement that the premise of ensuring safety in production, natural gas boiler NOx emission after the transformation shall not exceed 50 mg / cubic meter, and listened carefully to the enterprise raised about the difficulties of combustion gas boiler low nitrogen transformation exists.

To speed up the investigation and major renovation large boilers, Nanhu District definite time node, before the end of 2019 business model will complete the transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler, at the same time, the city built-up area of ​​biomass boilers implement ultra-low emissions transformation. Nanhu District will adhere to routine inspections and investigation focused on the combination of concentration and control checks and unannounced visits to combine law enforcement when combined with the daily supervision and wrong, and the law enforcement inspection report from the masses combine to ensure long-term monitoring of boiler regulation implemented.

Chemical prevent high temperature corrosion of commercial 8t boiler cheap laos waterwall boiler chemical improvements to prevent high temperature corrosion improvements waterwall 1, using an anti-art windshear main principle is offset by a spray angle of air flow injection port, and the original jet forming a motion , the opposite direction of rotation, in tangentially running smaller diameter, due to the opposite running direction of the initial movement of the main gas flow direction of the gas flow in the furnace after the anti-wind shear, the pulverized coal injected hindered high-temperature air upstream of the primary air flow and the time, the pulverized coal injection speed is reduced rapidly, enhancing coal dead time in high temperature zone, to enhance the combustion efficiency of pulverized coal. By using an anti-wind shear can effectively prevent high temperature corrosion phenomena, and can enhance the ability to stabilize combustion in the boiler furnace, reduced coke boiler case, as shown in FIG. 2, using the technology of Side by side wind technology is mainly on the high temperature zone waterwall corrosion or high temperature corrosion installed upstream of the injection port area, and ejecting the air in the furnace boiler. Technology is mainly employed side air can be controlled in the high-temperature reducing gas corrosion area, enhanced oxygen content in a local range. 3, to improve the control operation to take excess air coefficient increases, a plurality of coal mills is not put into operation at the same time, reduce the coal particle size, increase the air preheater ash fouling preventing plugging of equipment and operation control systems such as high temperature measures to prevent High temperature corrosion phenomena.

Coal-fired commercial 8t boiler cheap laoss to gas boilers benefits and precautions With the rapid development of national energy-saving environmental protection, the traditional coal-fired boiler can not meet the needs of the times. Therefore, the coal-fired boiler biomass boiler or gas boiler has become in many boiler user's choice. Before the transformation, to understand the difference between .1 and gas boiler fired boiler. Circulating fluidized bed combustion boiler fired by coal crushing device fluidized combustion process, the coal by crushing device percutaneously into the bunker through a the spreading coal coal injecting air into the furnace; circulating ash by heating, fluidized combustion process. When the coal into a gas fuel is injected directly into the combustor for combustion. 2. Combustion of Coal is mainly composed of C, H, O, N, S, ash and moisture and other elements. Generated when coal SO2, SO3, NOx ash and moisture, and SO2, SO3, NOx from flue gas emitted into the atmosphere, pollute the environment and cause harm to humans. The main components of the exhaust gas and coke are CO and H2. The main produce CO2 and H2 post-combustion, much lower than coal-fired boiler SO2, SO3 and NOX emissions. 3. Ventilation pressurized combustion coal combustion boiler used in a combustion mode. The bottom of the combustion process through the induced draft fan with fan and completed. In the combustion of coal, it requires a lot of air. Gas under a slight positive pressure in the boiler or burner slightly negative pressure, which requires less airflow. Burner air may be pre-mixed with natural gas. 4. coal boiler control reasons, material thickness, amount of wind, the wind volume, wind and other than coal, coal-fired boiler is difficult to automatically adjust the operating parameters of the boiler according to the load. However, fewer factors gas boiler, the burner valve can be adjusted according to the size of the load, easy to implement automatic control. Coal-fired boiler to a gas boiler Notes: Main results are as follows: (1) small boiler, the coal-fired boiler to a gas boiler, i.e. the negative pressure of combustion from the original to the current combustion slight positive pressure, and must pay attention to the furnace wall structure sealing problems. Closely related (2) selection and arrangement of the burner and furnace, the degree of filling of the flame in the furnace is preferably not formed dead air, to avoid the interference of adjacent flame burners, to avoid interference from adjacent burner flame. Unburned gas - air mixture should not be in contact with a heated surface, in order to avoid incomplete combustion. Gas combustion. Gas burner arrangement disposed conduit and ducts should be considered reasonable gas pipe and duct arrangement, ease of operation, inspection and maintenance. (3) the transformation of coal-fired boilers is mechanized layered gas boiler should be removed before the arch and the arch, and the bottom heating surface increases, in place of the grate, the grate to prevent overheating. Gas Velocity (4) on heat transfer surface of the fly ash is not restricted abrasion conditions, convection heating surface heat transfer coefficient is increased, increasing the pressure in the boiler where H is unduly increased. Boiler erosion surface. At this time, the capacity of the boiler should be noted that the steam separator to ensure the quality of the steam.

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In return for German and Italian axslxtance, It said Japan would aid their commercial efforUs In China whether tion; >SiPMi«t April 15.With the Royal Canidiin Mounted Police and immigration authorities working in the dosaat co-opcrstion under orders to check on subversive actiwities in Canada, the problem is tngafing seriotis Govtrnntant

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